DVR-108's and PS2 Games: Possible?

My brother and I have unsuccessfully tried burning PS2 games multiple times. We have a modchip, swap discs, all that which work fine with backups and imports. We’ve used a friends backup of an import, burned with the same media that we use (real cheap sonic dvd-r’s).

All I want to know is, has ANYONE successfully backed up a PS2 game with their dvr-108. If so, which firmware, and what media? If you really want, tell me the steps of how you did it.

I sure it’s possible… or I bought 2 burners that I’ll hardly ever use :confused:

might be best to use the gradius piodata firmware conversion hack v1.18
then use dvd decrypter iso read
dvd decrypter iso write

Before I get into all of that mess… should I? From what I’ve read, the hacks are just for DVD+RW booktype’s and whatnot. I’m using DVD-R media.

Thanks for the reply.

Perhaps try some different media first. Perhaps the DVR-108 just doesn’t like Sonics.

OK, I am now officially the happiest DVR-108 owner alive.

I flashed the firmware, figured it was worth a shot.

I just backed up a game, first try. I’m not TOTALLY sure it was the firmware, because I backed up a different game than I was trying before. However, my brother tried “backing up” a couple downloaded games, and tried to backup a copied game, and none of them worked.

I’m going to try to re-burn the game I’ve been working on… if that works, that guy’s getting a nice donation :D!

Thank you!!!

I’d edit my last post, but I can’t seem to find the button to do so… anywho, I can CONFIRM that the firmware allowed me to burn PS2 games to the generic media. Couldn’t be ANY happier right now. Burned 2 games, one in which I, before, tried burning in all different speeds (1x, 2x, etc) with different options checked. A lot of frisbees were burned. Not any longer. Burned one game at 1x, another at 2x. That guy’s getting a donation.

Thanks again!

cool. i thought that the piodata firmware would be your best bet. as now your dvd media will be booktyped as DVD-ROM.