DVR-108 Won't Read CDs/Crahes Windows



Hi there,

I just purchased a DVR-108 and installed it, but it sure as heck does not like to read disks, and in fact, crashes windows when you try. I"ve seen a few threads, but haven’t found a good answer yet. As reference, this is what I’m running:

Athlon Classic 850 w/512MB SDRAM
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Pioneer DVR-108 w/firmware v.1.10
Generic 10X DVD-ROM

I had the DVD-ROM and 108 installed on the same IDE channel, and I read that might not work, so I’m trying to install just the 108 on the IDE card I have (It’s non-raid and will support optical drives), but haven’t had chance yet to test it as I need to find the card drivers again. Is this a good method to solve this?

Are there other solutions? Help! There’s no good reason thsi should be doing this!


Oh I’d say it’s a very good reason. For starters you should list what the IDE card is? Then you may want to let us know what motherboard your using?

To get a new drive to work with an old IDE card on an old motherboard with an operating system that probably doesn’t even have drivers that will support it to begin with is just asking for a failure.

You need an IDE channel that will support DMA4 which is what the drive needs to run properly (thats UDMA66).

I doubt you will get this to work and unfortunetly it’s not the DVR - 108’s fault.


My system isn’t quite that old.

To answer your questions, I have a Shuttle AI61 which supports DMA66.
My IDE controller is a Silicon Image 0680 which supports ATA/133.

It really shouldn’t be an issue with the IDE controllers, as I have many hard disks running at ATA/133.


And I checked the device settings in the Windows Device Manager for the IDE controllers and they are all running UDMA mode 4


And never mind - got it sorted :slight_smile:

Just needed to move it over to my IDE controller. Life is good.


Add on IDE cards usually say NOT suitable for optical devices!!! as u have found… (something to do with slower access times)


Actually, the drive performs better on my added IDE card than the on board IDe controller, because it supports ATA/133 and onboard I only have ATA/66 (Older mobo). got it working great though, so no worries.