DVR-108 with Nero 6.3, burn DVD+R will hang

DVR-108 with Nero, when burn 4x DVD+R, the Nero always hang up after 99% and can’t close the disc, but when burn 8x DVD-R, it is no problem, I also downgrade to Nero, has the same problem. Has any problem about DVR-108 with DVD+R?

My config:
WIN2000 Pro w/SP4
P4 3.0C w/intel 875P Chipset
512MB Ram
Maxtor 120G HDD

DVD Disc:
Mitsubishi 4x DVD+R
Mitsubishi 8x DVD-R

I have a similar problem. I burnt my first DVD fine using 12X, then downgraded to 8X and the burn does 100% completion, then comes up with an burn error. I’d really like to be able to fix this problem. :sad:

must be another nero bug , try with another software.

I change to Sonic RecordNow, it is no problem.

I have no probs with Pio 108, several tried F/W and Nero
(even F/W from Piodata).
Of course U must have a 80 pins cable and dma