i just bought the best dvd burner ever! yes, it is even better than NEC. since the price has dropped a little bit, i am just wondering has anyone tried RIDATA 2.4X DVD+R DL 8.5G USA media print & Ridata USA insert & tray card, 5 Pack Model DRD+85-RDUSA-RDJC? is it compatible with DVR-108? although the price has dropped but it’s still kinda pricy therefore i dont wanna throw away $40+. also, is it compatible with Nero 6.3120 ? thank you guys!

AFAIK, the Ritek DL discs are compatible to the Pioneer 108. And yes, the 108 is probably the best burner in the market :wink:

thanks for the reply, but i have to mention that i wont be burning movies with these DL discs (who would want to burn movies with these expensive discs anyway, you can buy the original for like $5 more). i’m going to use them to burn data. just wondering are they reliable? thanks

i’m going to use them to burn data. just wondering are they reliable? thanks

I think only time will give all of us the answer to that question.

does anyone know if DL discs are reliable for data?

I use the Ridata DL disks in the 108 and yes they are reliable for data.

I burned one of these disks in my 108. I did a direct copy, on the fly, of a dual layer movie using Nero (and AnyDVD). It burned at 2.4x (about 40 minutes), and the copy works perfectly in both my stand alone players.

Yes, these disks work in the 108. They only burn at 2.4x though, not 4x, at least with the 1.10 firmware. The Verbatim DL disks burn at 4x (about 25 minutes). I only tried one of those too and it worked perfectly.

I can hardly wait for DL disks to become affordable. $5 is probably about the point where I would start buying a significant amount. For now, they’re just an expensive experiment. I just had to try a couple though, just to see if it works. I am very pleased with my results.