DVR-108 + Ritek R04 16x DVD+R's = 12x?



I have a DVR-108 with firmware 1.20, and Nero6 is saying that these RITEK R04 (16x) DVD+R’s will only burn at 12x speed. Why is this? The product information for this burner says its capable of 16x…


The firmware just doesn’t support that media at full speed yet, likely because it is too new and they haven’t fully optimized their burn strategy yet.


Actually, only the DVR-109 and NEC can burn certain 16x at close to 16x. The DVR-108 must not have the firmware necessary for it. So, most burns for everyone will be at 12x…although, judging from the preliminary quality scans at 16x, the 12x write is probably a blessing in disguise. :slight_smile:


The 108 was meant to be a 12x speed burner.


Sure, but has nothing really to do with the mediaspeed recognition. :wink: