DVR-108 Problems



Ok so i have the DVR-108. Drive worked fine for about 4 months. Now when i put a blank DVD in the drive it makes some weird noises like its having trouble reading the disc then if i’m in dvd decrypter is says “incompatible medium installed” this of course comes up no matter what kind of blank dvd i put it. Yet if i put in a blank CD-R it reads it no problem and is ready to burn.

I’ve moved the drive to another pc and same thing happens

upgraded firmware from 1.18 to 1.19 and same issues.

anyone have any ideas or should i just look for a new drive?



Does it try to read (spin) shut down then try to read again about 2-3 times, if so, the laser may be dirty.

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ya actually it does sound like that… its not my drive or computer… is my boss’ and it was pretty freakin dusty when i got it to work on it… took like a whole can of air to get the dust out… i’ll try cleaning the laser tonight when i get home :slight_smile:


hmmm sounds like it might be RMA time!