DVR-108 or DVR-A08 or ND-3500?


I want to buy me a new DVD burner next week and I am kinda stuck.
I don’t know either to get the DVR-108 (bulk), the DVR-A08 (retail) or the NEC ND-3500 (bulk)?
As far as I heard there is no technical difference between the two Pioneer drives, but the retail version suppose to have a noise reduction think in it on it whatever. Does anybody have experience with that or can anybody tell me how loud the DVR-108 is??? Then there is the ND-3500 Pioneer has the NEC chipset so I am not quite sure witch one to get?!?

Prices are:
DVR-108 about 95 Euros
DVR-A08 about 140 Euros
ND-3500 about 87 Euros

1 Euro = 1.2 $ (about)

Thanks for your help
CBASS :bigsmile:

i had a 3500, it was v. good no coasters at all. i now have a 108. i only changed cos i use 107 at work. the 3500 was probably better in many respects: speed, bitsetting, and 0 coasters. the 108 is good, v quiet (you cannot tell when it seeks) but i have had 2 coasters of verb. 8x +r which it burns at 12x.
if i was u, get the nec… and wait till the pionner 109 arrives to pee u off!

I upgraded from the NEC 2500 to the 108. The 3500 is no faster than the 2500 at 8x and about 1:50 slower than the 108. At 12x, the 3500 has a slight edge of 10-15 sec and at 16x, the 3500 is probably close to 1:00 faster.

I’m seeing burn quality on the 108 comparable or better than the 2500 on several media types. I’m happy with the 108.



OK, but there is the new firmware upgrade for the DVR-108 it supposed to be faster now and better burn quality.
Plus I read somewhere here that ther IS A DIFFERENCE in Pioneers retail and bulk version it suppose to Rip in just 5x bulk and up to 12x retail is it true???
And still what about noise reduction???

Yes, there is apparently a difference in the hardware as the firmwares aren’t interchangeable. The OEM variant rips at x5 max, whereas the retail can rip at x12 max utilising the quiet drive utility (which doesn’t work for the OEM version).

Then again I don’t rip with my burner, I rip with a DVD-ROM drive anyway so as to prolong the life of my burner. IMHO everyone should rip this way. :wink:

As for noise, I can barely here my 108, it’s damn quiet.

Well, you are right I don’T need the burner for ripping! And since it’S that quiet I guess I go with the DVR-108 (bulk)