DVR-108 & Nero for writing DL-discs

Does anyone have any experience of writing DL-DVD+R discs with the latest Nero writing software?

I note that they claim to have fixed some DL-writing problems in the very latest (Sept) update. I have two DL discs (Verbatim) to try out but they’re a bit expensive to risk making coasters if Nero isn’t ready for the real-world yet?


I haven’t even found any yet but at 25 bucks up here in Canada a pop I won’t be buying them any time soon. Every review I’ve read showed that Nero was the software used to write the DL discs. So I would have to say that if I were going to write then that’s the software I’d use.

Yes, I’ve burned 2 DL disks on my new 108 using the latest version of Nero. One Verbatim and one Ridata. Both were movies, one from an image file, and one on-the-fly from the original. They both play back perfectly in both my stand alone DVD players. The Verbatim burned at 4x and the Ridata would only burn at 2.4x. I can harly wait for the prices to drop so I can do more.

Thanks both for your experiences. I’ll update to the latest Nero and give it a whirl…