Dvr-108... is this normal?

When reading/copying to disk the drive makes a really high pitched sound several times during the process (it’s not present all the time and can be heared clearly over the “normal” drive noise). Sounds very strange.

I wonder if this is “normal” for the 108?


never heard it with my 108

This only happens when you use crappy or bad balanced disks (from my experiences). The drive goes “to it’s limit” to read that off.

You may be right… tryed a couple more discs and the sound was reduced or completely gone (although it can happen here or there, it’s more frequent in the end of the disc when reading at VERY high speeds).

I hope it’s not a manufacturing defect!

Anyone else want to add something?

Thanks again

sure, i’ll add that if my 108 starts making that noise i’ll be returning it - if itz still under warranty

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