DVR-108 Hosed?



hello collective geniuses.

i was trying to improve performance with my DVR-108 using retrospect 6 on my mac G4 (OS 10.3.9). i was updating the firmware using FlashIt_Kit_2 and firmware 1.20 with kernel 1.18 when the terminal hanged (hung?) and my computer crashed. d’oh! now the drive shows up as revision 0000 and is not recognized otherwise. it looks like i’ve hosed it. is my only option to attempt the DOS revive i’ve heard mentioned? sorry if this has been covered many times before, but i searched this forum and was unable to find the answer. if DOS is the only way, and i have a friend with a PC, where can i find the SW and instructions to attempt it?

also, i read somewhere on the pioneer site about another thing to do in case this happened (something about putting the drive on the ATA bus as slave, etc.), but now i can’t find that page anywhere.

i’d hate to think i ruined a physically perfectly good drive with a software glitch…

thanks in advance for your sage advice.


Flash it with a CORRECT & OFFICAL firmware.




Worked? Your drive is/was in FAILSAFE mode and awaited a proper flashing.