DVR-108 Flashing Problems

Hi, this is very informative forum which Ive be watching for a while, great job! The problem I have is I have my Pioneer DVR-108 installed as my master on my Secondary and the drive letter is “E:” and I’ve read all of the flashing tutorials to make sure not to mess up the drive. Im running WinME also. Well my firmware that was with my OEM Pioneer DVR-108 was 1.14 (from NewEGG), but I was trying to upgrade the firmware to Nil’s 1.14 so I could have faster ripping speeds being that its locked to 2x and that takes damn near an hour and then some to rip the dvd. Im typing in the correct command line in the command prompt which was “c:>firmware\dvrflash -v E: R8100108.114” (I made a folder in the C: drive called firmware and unzipped the files to that folder along with the dvrflash.exe) Well I keep getting this error message when I use the DVRFlash 2.0:

“Reading firmware ‘R8100108.114’…
firmware is of Normal type (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.14)
// sptxOpen.CreateFile: x2 (2) The system cannont find the file specified.
Could not open device \.E:”

Even if I try the 1.18 hack it gives the same type error. I know the burner is working because Ive already made countless cd-r’s. Thanks for anyhelp it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Try this

This is from [chef]

  1. Choose the correct DVRFlash 2 version (eg win32).
  2. Download it and the necessary firmware file(s), store them into the same folder, eg. “C:\108”.
  3. Eject any media from the drive.
  4. Open a DOS-Box, navigate to “C:\108” using cd.
  5. Run DVRFlash as command only to see the drive location.
  6. Use a commandline like “DVRFlash -v X:” to flash the drive.
    You have to replace X: with the correct driveletter and “” with the correct firmware.
  7. If this doesnt work, then try with the DOS flasher in real DOS or learn using the DOS commands.


extract dvrflash2 to c drive (highlight c drive in winzip), make sure there is a folder in C:\ called win 32, browse to that folder, then copy firmware there,

Start, run, cmd, then in command box type cd\ then you get C:\

then type win32\DVRFlash X:
where X is the drive letter of your DVR-108 then Y

This worked for me


To no avail This dosen’t work for me either. Someone please help me :a :a :a

Could it also be a problem because when I bring up the command prompt the first thing it says “Bad Command or File Name”

What output gives “DVRFlash -v E:” ??

Note that below instructions are for the 108. If you are flashing the 107D then will you need to adjust file names where needed.

This is for XP users. I have not tested it on other Windows versions.

  1. Remove dvd media from the drive.
    get the firmware file/s
    for 108
    Region-Free >NIL firmware from
    Official firmware from

for 107
Region-Free >NIL firmware
Official firmware

  1. get DvRFlash v2 from

  2. extract DVRFlash.exe from the zip
    extract files from the >NIL zip
    OR extract files from Official exe BY RIGHTCLICKING ON IT/EXTRACT TO >>>
    if you need an unzipper, get IZARC from

  3. go to start/run/type CMD then click OK
    note the location that YOUR Command window defaults to !
    on my system it’s C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

So, if i want to flash my drive with the >NIL firmware i copy DVRFlash.exe AND R8100108.114
[ from the >NIL firmware zip ] to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator
but you’ll need to copy them to whatever location YOUR command window defaults to !

  1. Now all i do is type DVRFlash -v E: R8100108.114 into the Command window, then hit ENTER
    and follow the prompts. NOTE that YOU must replace E: with the drive letter of the drvive you are flashing !

  1. Reboot

Exactly that step is missing by many who are trying to apply a firmware with DVRFlash:
the simple command cd\ and the use with cd and/or cd…


Most of these young farts wouldn’t know a DOS command if they fell over a book full of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt if to many PC users these days have ever heard of DOS 6.2 or ever used it, but it does come in handy to know the commands every now and again. :wink:

Good old DOS, so simple, you never heard of a DOS based PC locking up, then again you would have a hell of a time trying to burn a DVD using it. :bigsmile:

lol. i am a “young fart”
have not much knowledge of the Dinosaur Days of DOS.
reason why i post the “alternative” way of getting that drive flashed :slight_smile:

I didn’t complain about anything involved into that.

Just one important point: In DOS, there is ALWAYS the simple command HELP which should give more than enough info about useful and necessary commands…