DVR-108 firmware upgrade 1.14 to 1.20

i have firmware 1.14 for my pioneer DVR-108. i am trying to upgrade to v1.20 which i got from the pioneer website. here is an image of what happened. its pretty self explanatory. please help.

Have you tried to install the XL firmware on a bulk drive or vise-versa.

Also try using DVRUpdate, i find it a bit easier to use than DVRFlash (IMO)

im not sure what a bulk drive is.

i will try to use DVRUpdate.


edit… i tried DVRUpdate. it wants a kernal and the firmware file. i have the firmware but no kernal. i’m totally lost. it was so easy to just double click an icon to install my 1.14 F/W. lol

Sry, at work and was in a hurry.

The bulk drive is an OEM drive, with the plain fascia, & retail drives (XL) have “Pioneer” on them, both are recognised as DVR-108.

So there are 2 firmwares, download the correct firmware for your drive and d/click the upgrade.

As for drvupdate, use this if you want to flash with hacked firmware or revert back to an older F/W

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i have the oem drive. there is no “pioneer” lettering on the face. i tried the XL firmware but it didnt even recognize the drive like the plain 108 did. if i were to use DVRUpgrade how would i get a kernal file for my drive that i have now? can i make a kernal? then select my firmware and all that?? i know that i have chosen the right firmware for the drive. i just dont think the program i am using currently can do the job.

You may have a hacked firmware installed on that drive - maybe you pick it from a friend or bought it as a second hand unit. Anyway it should not be a problem upgrading with dvrupdate. But to tell you the truth, if I were you I’ll stick with the hacked firmware.

yeah, it is a hacked 1.14 that i installed. i have the firmware that i used for that upgrade. but i still have the problem with the kernal. i need a kernal file. why stick with the hacked? speed reasons right?

Try downloading various upgrades between 1.14 and 1.20. Work backward until you find one with a kernel file. That will work fine with the 1.20 firmware.

BTW: DVRFlash is not difficult at all to use. Just place the firmware files and DVRFlash into a folder called "DVRFlash on the C: drive and enter into a command-line window:

> cd /DVRFlash
> DVRFlash -f X: R8100008.119 R8100108.120

Of course, change the X: to your Pioneer drive’s ID and make sure you’re using the exact filenames of your kernel and firmware files.

Of course speed reasons… and RPC1, newer firmwares just add new media to the list but clasic media (TDK, Verbatim) will gain no benefit while low grade media will burn at their rated speed… no 12x instead of 4x in Ricohjpn001 (as example)

This info would have been nice in your original post.

Now you will be able to use DVRUpdate or DVDFlash to flash your drive to the firmware of your choise, as the updater from Pioneer will not work because of the hacked firmware.

sorry i didnt know pioneer’s firmware checked to see if i had a hacked one. i thought it wouldnt matter - it would just overwrite whatever i had. didnt know they would pull a “windows” on me and double check my stuff.

thanks for all your help i will try to find a kernal, like suggested and see what i can do…

edit: i guess i’ll try v1.18 RPC-1

That’s the way it always goes…

A lot of the sites are down, so if you still need it, PM me, and i’ll send it to you.

thanks, Bj, the firmware and kernal for 1.18 RPC-1 worked perfectly with DVRUpgrade. kudos to everyone for the help.


I used this file - R8143008.114 (the only kernel I could find)

to flash to this R8143108.118 - using DVRupdate 0.9.

The 114 kernel wouldn’t work with R8100108.120 (the latest official update).

All I want is to get my DVR-108 back to “official” satus and able to be updated in future by official firmware upgrades.

Can anyone please tell me how I can do this, ie. get F/W 120 on it and get it back to official status.


You CANNOT mix DVR-108 with 108XL firmwares!!!

use the firmware from 1.14 as well as the kernel (original oem), use dvrupdate to flash to standard firmware then upgrade using pioneer’s upgdvd

Thanks for your replies.

That was the first thing I tried and it wouldn’t update because it said the Drive already had the same version.

I purchased this Drive 2nd hand and therefore did not know what firmware was on it - that was the problem - but it was obviously a variant of 1.14.

You CANNOT mix DVR-108 with 108XL firmwares!!!
Because I had tried both the DVR & XL official firmwares b4 I came upon this Thread, they were both in my download Folder. I didn’t actually intend to use the XL firmware when I changed to DVRupdate (I selected it unintentionally) - but the flash did complete. And then I was able to do an official Pioneer flash using DVRA08XLA_FW120B.EXE - that successfully completed too.

Do you think this will cause problems? This Thread suggests it might be possible,83.0.html - but I’m not pretending to be an expert in this area.

Do you think I should leave it as is, ie. with the XL 1.20 Firmware?

if it working ok, then leave it.