Dvr-108 closes loud

I just got it a couple days ago, and when I open it theres a mild clunk but when I close it there a distinctive clunk just before it completes closing then the sound of the drawer hitting the face plate. It isn’t screaming loud but its far louder than any cdrw or dvdrw I’ve heard (including my old nec2500a, pioneer dvra06, liteon ltd163 dvdrom). It sounds like the drawer is hitting something inside, there’s 2 distinctive clacks back to back.
I’m probably going to rma it, I’m just wondering if anyone else has heard this with this burner; I doubt it because it’s bad enough to catch your attention and to post something like this post…


I wouldnt describe it any louder than my Pioneer 106D. Although they are slighty noisier than the average drive in this respect.

One thing to check for is does the drive have the fuzzy cloth material around the opening of the drive (which the front of the tray touches when closed). This material dampens the noise when closing and I have seen 106D drives without this material (the fronts are identical to the 108). Maybe this is the cause on your drive?

I have heard about Pioneer DVR-*08’s loudness, especially when reading DVD disks, and this was initially a key point. I wouldn’t like playbacking DVD Videos with lots of noise!

Now I know that drive has some sort of “silencer” which makes it quieter while watching DVD videos (but I think it also lowers the reading speed). Anyway that’s not a problem unless you want to see videos at > 25 frames per second which you wouldn’t be able to see :wink:

Thanks Prototype, I’ll check that when I get home, it never even crossed my mind. It’s definately a lot louder than my 106 was.
Tyreksionibus, the drive is very quiet when reading discs, it’s the closing of the drawer I’m refering to. I don’t mind the loud shut as long as it isn’t indicative of an impending problem with the drive.

BTW I noticed after posting that if I can time pushing the button right I can catch the drawer so it shuts silently just before it reopens, so it doesn’t seem to be an inner mechanical problem, it seems like a drawer adjustment problem, or as Prototype says missing cloth (I don’t remember seeing that).