DVR-108 can't dectect blank CD-R's

I just got a DVR-108 today and installed it fine. It reads CDs and DVDs with information on them but when it’s a blank CD-R (Haven’t tried DVD±Rs), It just doesn’t detect it at all. When I double click the drive in My Computer, it says “D:\ is not accessable, incorrect function”. I have updated to the latest firmware but still the same problem. I read around the forums that others are having similiar problems but I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I tried 3 different types of CD-Rs, 2 branded high quality and 1 of the cheap kind but they all weren’t detected. Anyone that can solve my problem I will be eternally gratefull and will even donate $5 US to there paypal account. Thanks in advance.


I bought my dvr-108 and I love it. I have updated firmware once, and I just found some new firmware and I will try it soon. Some questions, what firmware level are you at now. If you don’t know I can suggest some pioneer utilities that can tell you the version of firmware of your dvr-108.

I think my dvr-108 came with 1.06 and I found 1.10 on the web and have been using 1.10 for awhile. I had slow burn times for 8X certified DVR-R’s and the new firmware helped.

Here is the link for the newest 1.14 which i will be putting on asap.

My email address is if you want communicate that way I can send you some dvd utilities.

also did you say you had service pack 1, I have XP pro with SP2.