DVR 108 and BENQ 8x-R media@16x!

Got some BENQ branded 8x-R media today with MID CODE of SONY08D1.
For reference i have done the same tests on the NEC 3500 which are posted here BENQ SONY08D1@16x@NEC3500

OverBurnt at 16x ( 100% past its rated speed in sections ) on firmware 1.14, i gotta say this is seriously impressive, its a little slower than the NEC burn by about 30 secs but i think we will agree this is worth the extra 30 seconds :iagree: :

Test 2: 4.2 GB DVD VIDEO burnt with NERO 6 mins 26 seconds. Can we all stand for a disc quality of 92 on a media at twice its rated speed? My Verb MCC004 samples are not recording this well!

Well, to be honest both drives wrote superb the discs. The quality advantage on the PI failures reverse on the PI Errors but everything is between standards. For people with cheap media the real time advantage for Pioneer is writing at 8x, moreover writing at 12x media that is burnt at 8x with NEC with 3 min gain. If I had the possibility I would kept both drives.