DVR-108 and 40 or 80 pin IDE cable?

Now I have seen some posts in the past about this but I would like to get a better answer that makes sense. Some people say that you need to install this drive with an 80pin ide cable. Others say a 40 is fine due to the fact that you can’t possibly max out the bandwidth on a 40 pin cable anyway for burning dvds.
In any event I only have mine hooked up to a 40 pin due to the fact that an 80pin will just not reach both my drives that the cable is hooked up to. I have only burned at 4x so far and knock on wood I have had no issues. I will try one at 12 or 16 eventually just to see what happens.

Some people say that you will get errors writing, reading etc if you only use a 40 pin ide cable.


You maybe could try SIMULATION burn to see if the data is fast enough supplied…

Simulating right now, but nero only shows a max of 12x (16,620KB) Now according to ATA standards a ATA 33 HDD will do a theoratical burst speed of 33MB/s on a 40 pin cable.

12x only showing 16MB/s (guestimate). In theory there should be no problems burning at 16x on a 40pin cable.

Now it did take with nero 6min25sec to complete but I don’t think nero starts at exactly 12x. I did get no buffer underruns or burnproof saved the burn messages. I tested on true TY02 disks.

12x is fine by me anyway.

Drive starts at 6x, then shifts to 8x and later to 12x.

So there should be no doubt that a 40wire IDE cable is perfectly fine for this drive at max speed. I don’t know why people are saying that you need an 80wire cable.
Now granted, in the future with blue lasers you may need to switch to an 80wire cable, but by then hell, they might use serial ata or something else.

Total rubbish, anyone using this drive should use a 80core cable as pioneer made this drive ata 66 udma 4, it not matter what anyone else says, its to cover your backside when it use a burst rate like a ata 133 hdd cant do 133MB sec even in burst rate.

I dont follow WTF is the big deal in buying a 80 core cable as 40 should be as dead as a DODO like 650MB cdr. please move on out stoneage.

If you use 80 core cable you will make syre you got best change of running fully and not emptying bufer all time.

IM NOT SAYING IT CANT RUN PERFECT ON 40, just you should do what pioneer say you do, it not going to cost anymore money.

Anyone who wants to question this can set in bios there ata 133 hdd udma5 to ata 66 udma4 as it wont faster anyone apart from od burst. LOL

Why have i and others got 0 probs on this drive, i tell you why, mines is master a channel with a 80 core cable, this week it shares the secondary with a slave ata 33 udma33 cdwriter/dvd combo as im on a ata 100hdd udma 5 on primary ata channel on its own.

Normaly both roms are masters on their own ata channels sharing with no other devices as i use a SATA hdd

I agree, but Pioneer doesn’t mention nor recommend the use of a 80pin especially.
BTW, the port is always 40pin, just some dealers mis-name the cables… they should know it better.

Like I said, 80wire cables will not reach from my board to my roms. I have about 30, 80wire cables and guess what, they are all the same length. Now I don’t know if you go looking for one in a store, they might sell longer ones, but I don’t have any. Now they do make longer 40wire cables. Which I have and use for my roms.

I run 3 burners and 1 dvd reader, 2 SATA HDDS RAID 0, Athlon 64 3500+, 2GB DDR400.

I am not saying that you can’t use a 80wire cable, but there is no need to do so. A 40wire should work just fine. Now if your board will only enable DMA with a 80wire cable then I guess you have to use one.

40 core aint ok , pioneer made device ata 66 udma4 for a reason not fun, if only problem holding you back form using 80 cores is length, you can easily buy longer ones from diff store or get nice rounded ones most are very long, and avail in short length to.

The 1st advise i will give to anyone here who comes in with a problems with their drive is to get it on as master on a 80core cable if not already.

if you want to do high speed burning you need a 80 column cable and as for length the 80 column cables i use are just the same length as the 40 column ones

  cheers  bighun1952 :)  :)  :)

80 wire cables should also provide better support / less problems when using 2 different devices on the same cable / IDE channel.

You say you can’t find an 80 wire cable long enough?
How long does it need to be?
There are plenty of rounded “enhanced airflow” 80 wire IDE cables on the market that seem to be longer than standard ribbon cables.

standard ide cables look to be about 18inches.
I will check around to see if there are any longer.

by the way, I am having no problems using a 40wire cable. My point is that you shouldn’t need any additional bandwidth over a 40wire anyway.

Well I found 36" long ones on newegg, so I ordered 2. I can use them anyway since my current ones are stretched. I will see if it makes a difference or not. Probably not.

Where is it stated that pioneer designed this drive to operate at ATA66 specs anyway???

take a look here in the specs of the 108 it states that it is atapi 5
also the atapi 5 specs are below stating that you need an 80 column ide cable to run udma4 devices

cheers bighun1952 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I bought a 80 core wire from ebuyer (Belkin IDE Dual Ribbon Cable 24"), I think that 24" will fit most PC’s


Tastes bad that Pioneer doesn’t mention that in the MANUAL sheet which comes with the drive!!

You can run the pioneer on a 40pin cable if you want, it works fine with the pioneer.

You won’t be able to use 16speed dvd burning, but since 16 speed only kicks in for a very limited time, its hardly a situation to panic about.

Well I got by 80wire cables in and all my drives stuck at Ultra DMA Mode 2 except my 108. The 108 did change to Mode 4.

So I guess for all you guys wondering, now you have your answer.
It should work properly up to 12x writing on a 40wire ide cable in dma mode 2.
For 16x writing it would be best to put in a 80wire ide cable and go to dma mode 4.

Why is this still ongoing, use a damn 80 ribbon as device is ata 66 udma mode 4 as Pioneer ment it to be, i dont care what anyone says, its best to use this then you look to other issues why you may have problems. ive had 0 probs on any firmware and running this pionner on own eide as hdd is sata or even shating a ide as i tried with ata hdd so longs its master on a 80 ribbon,
is it such a big deal in 21st centuary to buy a 80 ribbon.

I burn a full datawrite grey/silver dvd-r at 16x in 6m 30s at 12x in 7m 02sec. so 16x is working at end of burn on this 8x media and no playback probs in mutliple pc drives or standalones.

jackal2001 this isnt aimed at you just overall, peeps need to fit this drive correctly then come here and look for other reasons its not working correctly, it may or may not work 100% ok on a 40core but i dont see the point in even using 40 cores.

I’ve been using a 40-conductor cable on my DVR108 with no issues whatsoever; this is only because I don’t have a second 80-core cable and I already have two disks on the first.

There is no “extra bandwidth” to be obtained with an 80 conductor cable, just “better” bandwidth. The 40 conductor cable copper strands are perfectly capable of passing at least ATA133 constant data flow rates - it already does. In fact ALL the digital data goes thru the 40 (39) conductors, whatever the DMA mode. The additional 40 conductors for higher rated cables are each at ground plane between every one of the 40 data strands, and form a barrier to crosstalk which will degrade the square wave signalling integrity at higher rates of transfer. The more difficultly the drive’s detecting circuitry has in determining the discreet plus to zero voltage switching, the more possibilities for error there is in resolving digital bits. Is it a “one” or is it a “zero”? Is one strand “zigging” while an adjacent strand is “zagging” at that exact instant? We are not dealing with bandwidth here, but noise/xtalk filtering. In other words, 80 conductor is always better, since it cant hurt under any condition. As was said, no one should still be using 40 conductors. In fact, the drive is designed to detect the cables presence to even permit the transfers at given UDMA. No 80 cable - no higher DMA config. As noted above, the user switched to 80 and UDMA auto increased by self detection.