DVR-107D won't *play* properly!




My DVR-107D won’t play DVD’s properly. The vision keeps pausing or catching every couple of seconds and the audio is garbled and “doubled”.

I’ve installed the Firmware but to no effect.

I have two players present. Ulead DVD Player, which has the above problems. And the Interactual player, which refuses to play anything and gives me a message that the playback has failed due to an error in the audio subsystem.

Win2000 latest SP.
1.6Ghz Pentium4
Leadtek Geforce Ti4400
Soundmax onboard soundcard(in an Intel board)
1Gig RAM

There are no other CD or DVD drives attached.

Hope someone has some ideas.


Try with VideoLAN or get PowerDVD or WinDVD. You have a software problem.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

It seems strange that there would be issues with the software that came with my DVD player!?


Ok, installed the VideoLAN player and the picture plays back much better.

The audio on the other hand is worse. I’ve uopdated my audio drivers and will let you know if that makes any difference.


For anyone who’s interested.

I discovered the DVD player software that came with my Leadtek Geforce Card(Leadtek WinfastDVD) plays perfectly with no garbling of sound and pauses in the picture.

So it was a player/Graphics card issue all along… weird.

I’m now a happy little camper… if somewhat mystified.