DVR-107D won't burn in external enclosure



I bought a 107d yesterday at Frye’s electronics in Burbank, CA and set it up in the external enclosure they sold me. I am running it through an Iogear USB II card to my Inspiron 2650. It seems to play dvds and read cd-rs just fine but when I try to burn anything I won’t get an error message but the burner just doesn’t wanna come to the party. The best that I have been able to do is get 1% burn completed through nero. The burn software won’t shut down after I try to end it and I have to turn the pc off manually.

Any help/suggestions would be hugely appreciated. This was supposed to be my birthday gift. I’d like to enjoy it.




I put my DVR-107D in an external enclosure as well as it works perfectly. I have found that the quality of the external enclosure various widely. Your problem would be either 1) USB PCMCIA card or 2) The enclosure. I have previouly bought an USB2 enclosure which CANNOT sustain a 6 megabyte/sec transfer speed which is required to burn a DVD at 4X. At 8X you need a staggering 12 megabyte/sec sustain transfer speed. I bought a Combo Firewire/USB2 enclosure with OXFORD 911 Firewire chipset. I can burn at 8X now without ANY difficulty. The advantage of firewire is that when burning it uses LESS CPU UTILIZATION than USB2. My recommendation to you is spend some extra $$$ to get a QUALITY Firewire/USB2 enclosure - make sure you get a OXFORD 911 Firewire chipset. Dump the USB2 PCMCIA card. Get a firewire PCMCIA card. You will be happy with the result.
Good luck



Thanks Robert,

I was hoping that it wouldn’t come down to spending more cash, as I have none. But I will save up for a fire wire card and enclosure.

Thanks again,



your problem is most likely due to drive problem of your usb2.0 card. Make 100% sure that the driver installed is the card manufacturer supplied latest version and NOT what windows XP thinks it should be. Best is to find what controller chip is in the card and get the latest driver from the chip manufacturer website.

The standard windows driver will likely have no problems reading DVD’s/CD’s but it doesn’t mean it will work with the buring software. I created a few coasters before I realise this. The fact that it doesn’t fail with the same symptom ALL the time makes it doubly confusing.

Try hook up the drive to the standard usb1.0 interface that came with your laptop. It won’t hurt anything except the speed will be slower (USB1.0 = 0.1xUSB2.0). You should be able to burn a DVD albeit much slower.

Use a DVD+/-R/W disk for your tests, it’s much cheaper that way.

Hope this helps !!


I have the same problem.

When using nero it writes the lead in and thats it all else fails and it just stops.

Nero then locks up and well nothing…

Can anyone help me on this as I have spent a lot of money and nothing seems to work, I just keep binning DVD’s



To all people who have DVD burning problems with drives in external enclosures hooked up to usb2.0 PCMCIA carbus controller on laptop.

My message is “It is absolutely critical that you have the driver provided by the controller chip manufacturer correctly installed and working. Using the standard driver in windows may or may not work”.

I produced a few coasters from Nero6 - SCSI command error (can see in the log) although the laptop did not lockup. Then I discoverd that the chip manufacturer driver (ALI M5271 in my case) was not used, instead the standard ms win xp driver was in effect. After I corrected this, everything works fine.


How do I make sure that the driver is installed correctly because Windows XP doesn’t like to let you do that? I went out and exchanged my enclosure for a firewire with oxford chipset as per earlier instruction in this thread and now the drive isn’t recognized at all. Please help.



P.S. As usual neither Dell, SIIG (cardbus make), Pioneer or ADS (enclosure maker) have been any help.


Few questions first:

  1. I hope you did not mess with the IDE jumper on the Pioneer DVR-107D - it must be in the “master” mode which I believe is the factory default.

  2. Did you get a Firewire PCMCIA card or a COMBO Firewire/USB2 PCMCIA Card from SII? If you have the COMBO Firewire/USB2 PCMCIA card from SII it is kind of flaky - it won’t work unless you plug in the AC adapter and the last one I got did not work well. Try Adaptec.

  3. Majority of firewire PCMCIA cards are plug-n-play and no driver is needed. After the PCMCIA card is installed check the “device manager” to make sure the card is properly installed (i.e. no yellow exclaimation mark on it).

  4. Assume everything is installed correctly, the drive should show up under “My Computer” with a assigned drive letter.

  5. Worst case scenerio - bring the drive/enclosure to another computer (desktop or notebook) that has firewire ports built-in such as Fujitsu, SONY etc. Finally, if all fails, exchange the DVR-107 with another one.



The SIIG card may be the problem but I’m not sure. My USB 1 cd-r writer is working with it just fine. When I had the dvr-107u attached to my USB 1 port on my laptop it worked ok, if deathly slow. Thanks for your help. I think the problem may be with XP and my computer. Dell says that my laptop was designed for XP but it’s been one nightmare after another for a long time now. Recognition problems, failed hard drives, etc. Dell is a good desktop company but their laptops are less than worthless. Xp is no bed of roses either.

Thanks again to everyone for all the help. I guess I’m going to return all this stuff and get a cheap external drive. I don’t want to compromise on quality but it looks like I have to.


crankyerma, the fact that your external drive works with the usb1.0 port that came with the laptop makes me think that your problem is almost definitely with the driver of your usb2.0 PCMCIA cardbus adapter.

Check the driver by going to control panel, then system, then hardware, then device manager, then right click on the usb2.0 controller device and select properties from the drop down manual, then select driver, after which you will see the information related to the device driver employed by xp for the particular device displayed.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, I am sure some friends who knows the way around windows xp a bit could help. even if you get another external drive, you still need a usb2.0 port to hook it up. maybe you can get the shop you buy the drive and contoller card from to demonstrate everything is working first before accepting the goods, I don’t know.

I still think your best bet is to get help from a friend to check/fix-up the driver problem.


i’ve seen a lot of postings that are saying that they were having trouble with using external enclosure on 107d and no one knows exactly why.
the best thing to do is not to use 107 on ext. enclosure or, u can get another one and see if it works.


I am currently running my dvr107d off of an external usb2 enclosure. I have not made a coaster yet…15+ burns using half verbatim…and half no name brands. The burns seem clean, as the dvd’s play exceptionally well after.

The speed is great…quicker than I expected, and thats only at 4x since i havent been able to find any solid 8x media where I am located.

Using firmware 1.15, and supplied USB2 drivers.

My setup up, Toshiba Laptop, 2.4gighz, 512ram, winXP sp1


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their input. Especially the first guy who told me to buy a firewire enclosure with the oxford chipset. Cardbuses that actually work with it are very scarce. I found one. Didn’t work. Please don’t anyone else waste their time trying to help. It’s pointless. I’m going to buy a f++king external drive that’s inferior to the Pioneer just so the GD thing will work. I was stupid to ask anyone’s advice in the first place. My own fault.

I apologize for wasting all your time.


I just want to aplogize for lashing out in my last post. I was tired and frustrated. A sincere Thanks to all.


I also have problems with my 107D 1.16 in external cases.

I have tried Bytecc ME-320U2 and the ADS Tech USB 2.0 Drive Kit. Both gave me problems in Nero. I think I created one sucessful disk in NTI CD Maker Pro 6.7, except that the buffer underrun kept engaging. I tried the drive in both external cases using my friend’s brand new laptop. Same problems. I used a Pioneer 104 in the ADS Tech case and burned many successful disks before the drive died.

I just bought a USB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PCI Combo card go get around the flakiness of my onboard USB 2.0 (one of the first mobos with USB 2) and also to allow me to eventually get a USB 2/Firewire combo External case because I have heard that firewire works better.

To those who have been using the 107 in an external case successfully, can you please post the model of the external cases?



My external enclosure is Plumax PM-525C2-PTS Silver Combo USB 2.0 & Firewire 1394. Bought it at Dealsonic for $42 + shipping. I am using the Firewire ports and on my PC I have a Basic ADS Pyro Firewire Card.

Link :-

I have absolutely no problems burning at 8x using Nero.