DVR-107D trouble burning Taiyo Yuden discs


I’ve had my current drive, a DVR-107D (firmware 1.22) for at least two years now and haven’t had any trouble with it. I usually burn verbatim DVD-Rs but recently decided to invest in a load of TYs (TYG02 as reported by Nero, batch GG000239 as etched into the disc) and I seem to be burning coasters. The discs burn fine but fail the verify afterwards, always with lots of errors at the end of the disc. Surely this shouldn’t be happening with TYs? Any idea if it’s my drive, the batch of discs (although I doubt this as one from the same batch burnt fine on a friend’s NEC burner) or something else? If it’s time for me to invest in a new burner can anyone suggest a good replacement?


Here’s a scan of one of the failed burns:

Something’s clearly not going right here…

You may clean the drive/lens and also burn slower.

It could be a firmware issue with newer media, but I’m sure firmware for the 107D is likely no longer updated. I’ve used NIL’s 1.16 hacked firmware with my 107D for man years with no problems although I’ve not tried any TY’s on it. You could search the forum to find link to NIL’s 1.16 to try to see if that helps, and you can flash back to official firmware if need be.

I believe the issue was that I was using a 40-wire IDE cable shipped with my mobo from a few years ago. When using Verbatim discs my drive was being limited to 4x burning whereas I was attempting to burn the TYs at 8x. I suspect the 40-write cable just didn’t like the higher speeds. Changed to an 80-wire now and all seems fine. Thanks for the replies!

Yep, probably was a creepy 40 wire ide cable. Normally a 40 wire is enough for an DVR-107, but they shouldnt be used anymore these days. :wink: