DVR-107D Tray Problems

I just installed a 107D and I am having problems with burns and the tray loader itself. Has anyone seen or heard a problem with it that when the Eject button is pressed the tray opens and then closes instantly? I have to press eject about 2-3 times to get it to stay open. Then after a bad burn and I press to eject the disk, the drive and the other DVD-ROM drive dissapear from the device list and it takes a reboot to bring them back. Any solutions?

The “tray wont stay open” bug is normally caused by drivers or software in the background constantly trying to access the drive.

It may be anything from packet writing programs, CD-emulators to IDE drivers causing this.

The other problem may be caused by the writing program or by IDE drivers.

What chipset do your mainboard have? and what IDE drivers are you using?