DVR-107D posting error message

hi, i just found this forum and thus far its the best one i’ve seen. i have a DVR-107D running on a P4-1.8G CPU with ECS motherboard on WinXP SP2. the software i use is the DVDXpress (the 5.5 version) & DVDXCopy (older version before they were shutdown.)

before i never had any problems with it, till i upgraded to SP2. i’ve been getting this message (see attachment), but sometimes i can still play the DVDs afterwards on a dvd player (Cyberhome- unlocked).

i’ve been using these oem DVD disc i got from newegg and before it was all good. but now, it doesn’t take it… and sometimes, i have to resort to using toshiba DVD+R disc.

what could be causing this problem? thanks!


OPC / PC error == mediuzm error.

so what does that mean? cuz sometimes the dvdxpress burns it and say it failed but still playable and everything is all there. then again sometimes it says it’s perfect and yet it won’t play.

so is this poc/pc error fixable by firmware upgrade or what?