Dvr-107d now doesn't see dvd-rw

This drive (1yo) has always been temperamental handling dvd-rw; I usually use a Ritek 4x (I think) item. I upgraded to 1.18 firmware a month or so ago, and about the same time moved the drive to a new computer, running windows xp pro sp2. Now, it doesn’t seem to see dvd-rw media at all. this is true using dvd-decrypter, recordnow dx, and nero 6.0. with dvdinfopro, however, I can see the media and run an erase procedure on a previously burned disk. Any ideas about what might be going on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

update: found a thread on another drive but similar otherwise, with a trick that worked.

I take it back. That didn’t work. The disc still won’t format by dvdinfopro, or be recognized at all by any other program. Firmware?