DVR 107D freezes during burn

I’ve got a pioneer dvr 107d, which was working fine until recently. Its started freezing half way through burning, both dvds and cds, but NOT when burning rewritables (either dvd or cd rws). It only seems to do this in windows, i’ve not had a problem in linux (yet), but it does it in various software (i’ve tried a couple of versions of Nero 6 (including the latest) and clone cd, all with the same problem).
The progress bar just stops half way through the burn and the light on the drive goes out, but there are no error messages (nero doesn’t seem to ‘crash’, the timer keeps on counting), and the only way to get the drive to work again is to reset.
The really weird thing is, if i reinstall nero (or windows) it works fine again for a few discs, and then refuses to do anymore, which makes me think that its a software problem, and there’s nothing wrong with the drive itself.

(I’m gonna try some more in linux, and maybe on other computers, to see if it works fine there…)

Has anyone else seen this problem before, and does anyone know how to fix it?


here’s what i’m using:
Pioneer DVR-107D (with firmware 1.18), installed secondary master (standalone)
Windows XP SP1 (fresh install)
Latest version of Nero (though i’ve tried older versions of nero 6 with same result)
MSI K7D master motherboard (AMD 760MPX (762/768) chipset)
2x AMD Athlon MP 2400
512 mb ram
hard disks on HPT370A raid controller.
-think thats more than enough detail for now!

Try defragmenting your HD, seems like your hd has bad clusters…

it could be both the media and software.

I have to brands of el-cheapo DVD-R’s, one only burns under Nero6 and one only burns under Instant CD/DVD.

The el-cheapo DVD+R’s I had used to bugger up in Nero6 too, and work fine in Instant CD/DVD, but now it seems to work fine in either.

the DVD-/+R(W)'s work fine using Alcohol 120% though.
CD-R(W)'s work fine in any prog.

If you use an NForce motherboard, you could try removing the NV IDE drivers and just use the MS ones.