DVR-107D Error "the device drained ist buffer without burn underrun protection"

Just purchased the 107D. i initially burned 4 dvd-r x4 (princo, cheapies, i know) in the drive in toast 6.0.0 on Mac OS 10.3.3 perfectly without fail. Then half way through my 5th one this message appeared and the burn failed:

“The drive reported an error:
Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03”

Following that, the option in toast to turn on ‘Buffer underrun prevention’ was greyed out when using these discs. The drive still reads and writes cd-rs, reads dvd-r’s, just wont recognise blank dvdrs (1-4x). The firmware is v1.10. On the 33ATA bus i have the 107D as master and a 104 as slave.

Other programs, including the native burning support in Disc Utility, as well as iTunes, bring up the following messages when trying to burn dvd-r’s:

“The device drained its buffer without burn underrun protection.”

I realise that princo are not the best brand but i have not had any trouble with them in my 104 (x1, firmware A227) drive and the first 4 were fine in the 107D as mentioned earlier. i’ve also tried a Apple DVD-R x2 disc in the drive with the same symptoms as described above.

The only other thing i can think of is that around the time that the 5th burn failed, i had opened up the DVD player which asked me to set the region, at which i set it to region 4.

What happened? Any suggestions?

Hi mate
you need to upgrade the DVD firmware to version 1.15
i had the same problem…but after the firmware update…
it work fine

good luck