DVR-107D Doesnt Recognize Matsushita RW

I burned a multisession Sony RW disc with my matushita dvd writer on my laptop and now on my home pc Pioneer 107D doesnt load the disc and says it isnt formatted? Weird cos on my laptop it works fine.

Either you have used a wrong UDF version or the disc is not finalized (should be recognizable by the DVR-107 anyway).
Multisession on DVD-RW? I would never do that!

I dont have a portable harddisk so I burn my files on RW in multisession to work on different pc’s.

But it gets worse, I cant even rewrite (create NEW ISO DVD) the RW with Nero.
Nero just hangs when I say burn. Other Sony RW’s I used from the same package are still recognized.

btw on my laptop I sometimes use Record Now! to burn files but I doubt that that is the problem.

Because Nero is buggy and crap especially when it comes to erase/format a RW.

Use DVDInfo instead.