DVR 107D and Ritek G05 (8x)

Hi all,

My first post so be nice!

I’ve been using Datasafe 8x on my 107D for around two years without any bother. I recently bought (well today actually) Ritek G05 8x disks and tried to do a burn. I don’t know what speed it is doing (probably 1x) but it’s taken 32 mins to do 40%.

I updated the drive’s FW with 12x n4all when I first got the drive (around 2 years ago) and haven’t had any bother with it and it used to burn the disks within 7 or 9 mins. All of a sudden (with these new disks) it’s going to take well over an hour.

Does anyone have any idea why?


Use better media or limit the speed to max. 8x!

Check that DMA mode is activated!

8x was selected.

DMA has always been acitvated and always will be.

I thought the Ritek G05 were good media. Are they not?

No. :Z

ok, cheers. But surely I should still be able to burn at 8x instead of this 1 or 2x that I’m getting just now.

There must be a way!

If you’re saying you haven’t updated the firmware in 2 years that could well be the problem.

Yes, maybe. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get onto any of the websites.

No matter which one I go to I get “page cannot be displayed”.

Does anyone know where else I can get firmware (apart from Pioneer)?

The G05s usually burn quite well but the problem is that they tend to “fade” after a while & might eventually become unreadable.

The latest firmware on the Pioneer site for your drive is 1.22 (30/9/04) which might be later than yours. Get it here

The date is wrong 1.22 should be 30/9/05 like the other 07 models. I’m not sure you can flash official over patched without DVRFlash.

You cannot.

No you can’t. I had already tried, that’s why I said “apart from Pioneer”.

Ah, but you can use DVRFlash to flash it. Is that right? I’ll give it a go!

Is there not an updated mod FW available? I don’t know why I can’t access the sites. Someone mentioned in the mod forum that they couldn’t access with NTL as their ISP and it’s also NTL who’s my ISP!!

Best would be to flash the latest official firmware to the drive using DVRFlash.
That way you can see if it is the drive, media or system/drivers.

Ok, I’ve flashed it with the Pioneer 1.22. The disk has just finished and took 43 minutes to complete. So it can’t be the firmware. Surely these disks can’t be that bad that they’re not even giving me 8x.

Everything was ok yesterday when I burned my last disk so I wouldn’t have thought it would be system or drivers. Sent the woman out to get some disks today (big mistake) and these are what she brought back!

Maybe you should uninstall the IDE channels in Devicemanager, then restart.
After booting up again, check that DMA is enabled.

Done. Rebooted and UDMA is still enabled.

This is so frustrating! Could it just be possible that I have a bad batch of these disks?


UDMA2 is correct for this burner.

Yes, it is UDMA 2. I just never put the two in !! ;o)

Got it people. Finally got onto website and downloaded NIL’s 1.21 modded firmware. The one I was using prior was 1.18.

DVD completed in 8 mins 10 secs! Good enough for me.

Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile: