DVR-107 Hardware failure



I have been burning and copying DVD’s with Pinnacle Instant Copy 8 and Any DVD with a Pioneer DVR-107 for a month or 2 with no problems and now I always get a hardware failure message after a short time of writing. The DVD’s always seem to write to about the same position before making a coaster, I am using the same brands of DVD’s. I have uninstalled all software and reinstalled and also flashed the drive to 1.13 firmware with NIL’s kernel flash (was an OEM drive in a HP system), used a physical DVD cleaner, tried all the recommended settings DMA etc, burn proof is active, tried running everything on the slowest speeds. Was all fine before and the computer is only about 2 months old and only burnt a dozen DVD’s any tips would be welcome, I’m pretty much at the end of the info trail on the net. Are there any testing utilities for the drive?


Did You make any hardware changes in your system ?
Check, try exchange IDE cable connecting burner.


No changes to system. Will give the cables a swap of you think it’s worth the effort, it’s an almost new computer though so I would expect it’s OK.
Thanks for the info


I dont know if it help for you. Ca. year ago ive had similar problem with cdrom drive.
New system and all cdroms was readable to ca. 200Mb and then only unrecoverable errors. All that was by broken cable. I exchanged cable and all was ok.
Does your drive can read without problem ?
If there is no read errors then it`s not a cable problem
but if read error exists then it may be cable (not fully connected, broken pin on drive/m-board)


Can it still burn cd’s? Have you tried a different software program? Latest firmware? Download Force ASPI drivers?