DVR-106D won't write after Firmware Update

Applied the Firmware update that came with the APC mag CD (, also downloaded the one of the Pioneer site (same thing). Updates to 1.08. Now it won’t burn anything. Test reports Write Error 030C00.

Can anyone help?

What firmware(s) & flasher were included in that flashing package?

If you can get another Firmware Update that is more recent than the one you put in. It may correct your problem. Just keep looking on the relevant sites for a newer firmware. :wink:

I had the same problem with my pioneer 105 DVD Writer. I also downloaded the latest firmware from the pioneer site and I now have the same error 030C00.
There Must Be A problem With Pioneer Software.
If more people start to complain about it then pioneer might do something about it!
Come Pioneer sort your Act Out! bring out a Firmware that can overwrite and correct any previous problems. Thank You

So did anybody manage to get the DVD-RW (DVR-106D) working with firmware version 1.08?

I have a funny issue with the DVD-station:
When I bought it It was able to burn DVD’s and read them afterwards, however now all the DVD’s burned by this drive can only be read afterwards on other DVD’drives. I’ve never done any FirmWare updates since I purchased the drive.
Only significant difference I can think of is that now I’m using Service Pack 2, in stead of 1 in XP.

Oh, in Device Manager it seems like the drive is actually using FirmWare version 1.08, are there any further updates?

On Pioneer’s website there is funnily enough nothing related to this DVD-drive, seems like they’ve just abandoned this product:

When they say it’s not possible to revert after having updated the FirmWare, must one simply throw the entire drive in the rubbish? Is there really no solution if the FirmWare update f***s the drive up?


I might be helpful if you provided information on what Firmware is [B]Actually[/B] installed on your DVR-106D and the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the blank DVD Media you are using.

To obtain this information use a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

For your DVR-106D to function correctly without any errors your DVR-106D needs to have Firmware that includes the correct MID for the blank DVD Media you are attempting to use. If it doesn’t you could experience problems similar to what you are describing.


Thank you for the prompt reply!
But how can I find out what FirmWare version is actually installed on my DVD-drive? And when I’ve identified the technical details related to the DVD-disks where can i find out if my DVD-drive is compatible?

Clearly no drive or firmware problem, but a driver/software issue.
Maybe it is ‘just’ SP2, such issues were reported before.

Do you have any links to threads that discuss this particular issue?
I guess this has happened on various models?
Is there a common fix or something that adresses this issue?

Seems like the last FirmWare version released by Pioneer for my specific model, was version 1.08, so there really isn’t any way to get past such issues doing FirmWare upgrades.

Sorry about the “offtopic”, but I thought in the beginning that this was relevant to this thread, however the following threads adress “my specific issue” (I’d wish people could use the search more often and follow-up on their issues):

Sorry, I’ve no specific links about this here, but they all were here on cdfreaks and the forum.
The solution were to uninstall SP2 - no real solution for those who need xp…

One of the reasons why I use w2k and w2003 in the windooze world, besides some Linux and others.

Maybe you could uninstall softwares like Alcohol and Virtual drives, also uninstall the ide channels and restart and as a last resort delete the upper & lower filters, see my sig.