DVR-106D Won't recognise 4X -RW Media

DVR-106D with 1.08 Firmware

Writes perfectly to

  • Imation DVD-RW (no speed on DVD)
  • Data Bank DVD-RW 2X

Drive will not recognise

  • RiData DVD-RW 4X

I checked the manual and I understand that the drive won’t write at 4X, but I would have thought the 4X media would still have been recognised, and enable write at 2X.

Is this a
Media Limitation?
Hardware limitation with the DVD Drive?
OS Problem Win XP SP2?

It seems like such a simply thing, I’ve searched everywhere on here and other forums, yet I can find any reference to this type of problem.


Found this at

4X speed DVD-RW media is based on the new book standard DVD-RW Version 1.2 (which supports 2X and 4X speed writing/recording). DVD writers must comply with this standard to write/record with this media.
Pioneer models DVR-A07XL, DVR-107BK, DVR-107D all support 4X-speed DVD-RW media with 2X and 4X-speed writing/recording respectively.
Previous Pioneer models DVR-A03, DVR-A04, DVR-104, DVR-A05, DVR-105, DVR-SK12D, DVR-A06, DVR-106, DVR-S606 are unable to write/re-write/record/re-record using 4X-speed DVD-RW media (Version 1.2 2X and 4X-speed writing/recording media). It is not possible to update these models with new firmware to enable them to write to this 4X DVD-RW media.

Has anyone had any experience with getting around this?
It’s just hard to find non 4X media…

-R or -RW?

Here it’s far more difficult to find 4x -RW media than slower rated ones…

I have found the 4X DVD+RW media WILL work on older 2.4X drives. As stated in the info above, 4X DVD-RW is a new book standard and won’t work on older 2X DVD-RW capable drives. See if you can locate 4X DVD+RW media instead?

Definately -RW. To be honest I didn’t know you could even get different speed media until these discs didn’t work, so I went out and got another batch. Both happened to be 4X. One of the places I went to had some older 2X stuff in a cupboard, I exchanged the 4X stuff, and all is well.

I will have a look into +RW - thanks for the suggestion.

I have found the same problem… after buying a whole batch of 4x DVD-RW! However it seems that if I format the discs first in either my Plextor 712A or NEC 3520 (on my other machine), the DVR-106 will write at 2x on them. If the disc is not fully erased first, then it won’t work and I have also yet to determine whether this process will work every time.

A little frustrating all round… I prefer +RW, never had a problem yet!