DVR-106D v1.08 problems?

"DVR-106D v1.08 - RPC-1 +"

Hi, as the topic states really, having problems with this firmware (i think it’s due to this anyway). Basically, i wanted to play PAL dvd’s on my computer but as my drive was locked to region1 i had to get the above firmware as i heard it would allow my drive to work as a region free drive. So i flashed it and everything went okay, but now when i try to play my DVD’s (legit dvds) they load up a bit then my computer starts to hang real bad. Eventually i have to force the process closed before normal operations can commence again.

I’ve tried reinstalling all my codecs and stuff like that (divx, ffdshow, etc) and also tried installing the newest directx. I just formatted my machine last night but its fully updated with latest patches and whatnot. I’ve also tried playing the DVD in different players -> windows media player, powerdvd, media player classic all have the same end result of my machine hanging to the brink of me hitting the reset button.

Have any of yous got any ideas to why this is happening? Is it the new firmware i installed or some other software/hardware related issue (considering ive had no problems with the drive prior to installing this firmware i cant see it being the drive at fault).

Computer Details:
CPU: 1 CPU - AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+
Operating System: WinXP Professional 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600)
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6600 GT
Sound: SB Audigy 4 [E700]
RAM: 1.5GB~

Hope i have provided enough information and detail for yous to help, if yous can :slight_smile:

Where have you downloaded that firmware?

It always comes with instruction that clearly say “flashing a drive with rpc-1 firmware is only half the job!”.
You must use software like dvdgenie too!!

erm, it was from a topic on these boards ->

i guess i shouldve researched a bit more on flashing drives rather than just diving straight in. :slight_smile:

Post #3 there shows:

ahh great. Thanks a lot. It works fine now [B]with Region Killer[/B] and PowerDVD.