DVR-106D stopped reading DVD-R

Hi everyone,

People usually visit these forums when they experience a problem and I am no exception. After searching the forum and not finding problem like mine I had to start this thread. Here it goes…

I have a 106D Pioneer, 1.08 firmware, and have never experienced problems with either DVD+R or DVD-R discs (mostly Bulkpaq) till yesterday… Drive just stopped reading DVD-R discs and decripter is reporting “incompatible medium installed”.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…


OS WindowsXP SP2

Nero InfoToll reports that System ASPI installation is corrupted and that NERO Aspi is installed and working properly…

PS2 The same discs are fine in NEC drive…

Does it read any discs (CD/DVD)? Does it write at all?

If no, perhaps you’ve got dust or loose cable…

Try re-installing software. Do a virus/malware scan. I’m out.

You can also try installing the drive in another computer if the above suggestions don’t help you troubleshoot.

it reads CDs and DVD+R without any problems. Writing is also OK. The only problem is reading DVD-R discs (it used to read them OK and the discs are readable in other DVD drives).

wart_bourg you just joined to a club of owners of incapable-of-reading 106s.
See if it helps:

Few weeks later I had same problem again so it is only tempoary mesure. 106 is flawed device.

you were absolutely wright… Cleaning did help, but only for a week. Then it started messing about again. After second clening it won’t read anything… So, it’s time for a new dvd writer…

I was thinking about buying a new pioneer 109, but am not so sure anymore…

Any recommendations?


Did you manage to find a solution to this or you gave up?