DVR-106D read speed problem


I’ve been using my DVR-106D to backup some discs without realizing that it only read at maximum speed, no matter the program I use, no matter the read speed I set in the program before it begins to read the disc. Some times I need to make a slower, deeper read of the disc for better results, but it keeps reading at full speed…

I thought it was an ASPI problem, but it was Adaptec 4.60 OK installed. I thought it was a firmware problem, so I moved to 1.08, nothing changed. I thought it was only reading CD or DVD, but happens with both.

The thing is: Is this a normal issue of my recorder or something is wrong?

Thanks for any help on this.

God, I thought someone else had this recorder :smiley:

Ok, just somebody tell me if it is possible to set the reading speed at 1x, 2x… Just for not going crazy about nothing or search a solution for the problem…

Thanks again :wink:

I have the drive but have no found the need to limit its read speed. I’m not using hacked firmware either so it isn’t unlocked.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not ripping movies or kind of, I just backing up some PS2 games (usually my sister’s, like Kingdom Hearts, Dog’s Life…) for not having to waste a scratched PS2 game wich brand new costs more than 30 €.

The thing is that I’ve always seen in tutorials and forums that slower read means better quality disc images… So I found a little annoying that my burner is not letting me set the read speed.

Anyway, could you test if you’re able to read a disc at minimum speed? Just for know if this is common for all the models or just for mine.

Thanks a lot!


I just tried ripping a non-protected DVD-R I have in the drive using DVD Decrypter. I set it to read at 1x and the log confirms it, but it is ripping at about 3x.

Thanks so much, finally I see this is an issue of this model and not of my model :bow:

Thanks again.