DVR-106D having issues with DVD+R media

Here’s the scoop:

MY Pioneer DVR-106D burns fine with DVD-R’s using Nero, DVDdecrypter, DVDshrink etc, by fine I mean the DVD’s play in my mintek and pretty much any other DVD player i’ve tried.

I recently started buying +r media and suddenly the DVD’s will only work in about half of the DVD players as before. My mintek wont see them, but my friends brand new high end JVC sees them, and so does my sisters 30 dollar coby DVD player.

Does the 106D have some bizzare incompatibility with +r media?

Heres the stats on my 106D:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional
(Build 2600)

C: Device Type: Hard Drive
Vendor ID: WDC WD80
Product ID: 0JB-00DUA3
Product Rev: 75.1
Vendor Info:

D: Device Type: DVD/CD-Rom
Product ID: DVD-RW DVR-106D
Product Rev: 1.08
Vendor Info: 03/11/25 PIONEER

F: Device Type: DVD/CD-Rom
Vendor ID: AXV
Product ID: CD/DVD-ROM
Product Rev: 2.2a
Vendor Info:

The problem here mainly comes from the standalones DVD player side.
It’s a weird fact that the cheapest players can usually recognize & play more media(types) than expensive ones do because the cheap ones are not that restricted to specifications as the expensives ones have to be and are…

The “compatibility” of DVD+ media could be pushed by using Bitsetting on them. I think your 106 does not support it, never drives do.
Visit > DVD media section.

PS: DVDShrink is no burning app. :wink:

So did you find out anything specific about this issue?

This was just a issue of the standalones with some +R media.