DVR-106D Buffer Level Never Full

I’ve got a Pioneer DVR-106D & when I write a DVDR in Nero ( the drives buffer level is never full, and always varies between 30%-90% and it always takes longer than it should to write a full DVD (about 28-30mins@4x).

Anyone know whats wrong?


Have you read this thread

I’ve just read that thread & both of my IDE cahnnels are in ‘DMA if available’.

The thing is I’m 90% sure that when I first bought the pc (Nov 03) this problem didn’t happen.

From time to time windows drops this setting back to PIO, it may say DMA if available but what is in the box below that, what is the current transfer mode?

You’re right. My Secondary IDE Channel Device 0 is on ‘DMA if available’ but is actually on PIO Mode. I’ll try uninstalling & re-installing that IDE channel, cheers.