DVR-106 stopped reading/writing riteks

All of a sudden my DVR-106 doesnt want to read/write ritek dvds (G04). i burned to 3 dvds this afternoon then after the next 2-3 burns the pc kept showing the disc were empty but not recordable anymore. Even though the burns showed successful, when any g04 dvd is inserted, dvddecrypter says “Device Not Ready (Incompatible Media Installed)”. anybody know what the isssue is or how it can be fixed?


Hi JaE I am having the same problem with Datawrite Yellow DVDs with reading and writing. I changed to 120 single sided blue DVDs and they worked perfectly I had a lot of data on these discs and they are now usless to me, although my friend can read them all on his Tobshiba SD-R5112. Very Strange. I was recommended by my local computer shop to remove Microsoft SP2 update from my computer as it is causing problems with some programmes but that did not solve my problem. I hope this helps you a little but we both have the same unresolved problem. Muffster

I never installed that POS SP2 so i know thats not the problem…I can burn them but when i put them back in the drive it isnt recognized in explorer, but they work flawlessly in dvdplayers and ps2. :-\