DVR-106 and 16x media

I bought some Memorex 16x DVD-R and DVD+R media a while back and only tried to use them recently. Apparently I can write to these discs fine with my 106, but I can’t read the discs I’ve written. I can read the discs at work in a different DVD drive for some reason, but not the one that originally wrote to the discs. Strange, eh?

Now, I only had 10 discs of the Memorex media (and I wont be buying Memorex DVDs again) so I’m not worried about just throwing it in the trash. What I am worried about is whether other 16x media can work in my drive (both reading and writing). Usually I just buy Taiyo Yuden discs and never think twice about them, but there’s a 100-pack of Sony DVD-R discs at the local Best Buy for $25.

Anyone have any idea whether these discs will work (both read and write) in my drive? I have the latest firmware (1.08 I think) if that makes any difference…

That is an driver/Os problem then.
Uninstall stuff like Alcohol and InCD, uninstall the ide channels and restart.