DVR-105 firmware update failure -- any recovery tools?



I tried to upgrade the firmware of my DVR-105 to ver. 1.33B using DVRUpdate 0.9. Unfortunately, the process stopped in the middle of Step 2 after switching to kernel mode. After 15 minutes I decided to abort: what else I could have done? The drive appeared to be dead. In the end, I tried a re-boot. The drive is not being detected by BIOS anymore.

I don’t know what went wrong with DVRUpdate 0.9 – everybody seems to be happy with this utility…

Any recovery tools for Pioneer DVR’s? Eventually, DOS based…
Is there any way to revive the drive after such a failure?

Thank you


Use DVRFlash.


DVRFlash works if BIOS detects the drive and ASPI driver also recognizes it. In my case, BIOS does not see my DVR (and, obviously, ASPI driver fails to see it as well). I suppose that DVRUpdate killed my kernel (I don’t know the reasons).

My system is a P4 at 2.53 MHz, GB SINXP1394 MB, 1 GB RAM, running Win XP SP2. The DVD writer is DVR-A05 (mfrg’ed March 2003) – previous firmware was 1.30. The unit has been used for about two years.

I opened the case and studied the parts inside:
MCU: M30700FJLGP (Mitsubishi/Renesas)
RAM: K4S1616D-TC80 (Samsung)
Chipset: D68813GT Y04 + C3310GC + D63810GM (NEC)

I supposed the MCU flash was erased (at least the kernel block(s)). I’ve been working with M16C/62 MCU’s in the last few years, but I have no data about M16C/70 series – especially the differences between families, to see if I can use my own development tools to re-flash the device.


  • Does anybody have M16C/70 data sheet or hardware manual?
  • The M30700FJLGP package (100-pin) is identical with the M30626 I used in most of my projects – I know that Mitsubishi (now Renesas) claims that most of their MCU’s are pin compatible I wonder if M16C/70 is compatible with M16C/60 series…
  • DVR-A05 has a small connector (marked as CN301) on the extreme left of the connectors block. Does anybody know what that connector represent?
  • The selection connector (CS, SL, MA) has more than 2 x 3 pins (i.e. 2 x 5 pins) - does anybody knows what those additional pins are good for?
  • Most of the M16C MCU’s use serial programming via UART1. The problem is the protection mechanism that requires the programmer to know a 7-byte long ID placed in the fixed vector table area (last locations in flash). It the chip is virgin (or totally erased), one can use any ID or 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to program the flash. I wonder if any has tried to reprogram the M30700FJLGP this way.
  • I was surprised by the size of the firmware file ~1MB. From what I know, M30700FJLGP has only 512 KB !!! Am I missing something?
  • Does anybody has a firmware file layout and run-time MCU memory map?

Any additional information is welcome.

P.S. I know many will say I’m crazy to spend time on fixing my old DVR-A05, when I can buy a brand new DVR-109 for less than $100, but I’m a technical person and I like the challenge. Maybe some people here can help me with this. Thanks.


I’m looking for a DVR-A05 service manual. Any help?


That’s a good point, hopefully you have luck.


Hey OldMan58,

Did you ever get your DVR-105 firmware updated and working? I have a similar problem. I have a Primera Bravo Disc Publisher and it uses the DVR 105.




Have similar problem, wrong flash and my dvd is not being recognized by the bios anymore. is there an ide flasher like mtkwinflash but for pioneer?


Your drive is dead, accept it.