DVR-105 and RW

You have probally been flooded with the same thread
I have a Pioneer DVD/R/RW DVR 105 drive but it wont read RW Disks. I have noticed while in work that the drives here have RW logo on them. My drive at home only has DVDR/RW on it. Are you telling me that DVD format has changed? and RW is a new system? My PC is less than a year old. Is there any software which will make my DVR 105 read and write on these disk.

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There are 2 dvd r formats, DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW. The pioneer 105 works with DVD-R/RW discs only. The newer Pioneer drives (106 and 107) work with both formats. Drives with the RW logo on them are +R/RW drives. Practically all the current new drives record/play both formats. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the repliey. I know its a bit late but I hav’nt been online in ages. Figured out the new DVD+ format. I guess I should invest in an external DVD+/- RW drive. They are worth it if you can pick one up cheap enough.