DVR 105 and Pioneer Customer Care

I’m a new member of this forum. I have encountered some issues with a DVR 105 burner. I have sent a technical support request to Pioneer:

Respectable Pioneer
I have this burner S/N BLDL163831WL from an year and an half. Never problems. I use it on Windows XP Sp1, mainboard Asus A7V880. It is configurated as primary master without other device on slave. As burning program I have Nero 6.6.01 with the latest Adaptec aspi layer. I use an 80 wire ribbon cable. I have installed the 4in1 v. 4.55 and this burner has lost the multisession feature. Under XP Sp1 with my burner I can use 4in1 4.51, Adaptec aspy layer and I can write in multisession but if I install 4.53 or 4.55 it don’t works in this mode. Under XP Sp2 with 4.55 and without Adaptec aspy layer (!!) it works well. I have tried also to move the burner on secondary IDE channel as master, but it’s the same situation. At his point I don’t know if this is a software or hardware issue. I have bought this device an year and and an half ago. What are the guarantee therms? In attachment there is the ticket.

The only answer that I have received are “two stupid words” about these issues and a disgusting mail:

Good morning
at distance of about an year and an half you return to the attack!!. Probably you think to pass unnoticed, thinking to jump the controls from Pioneer Italy and our assistance center “Paolieri electronics”. We remember you that the burner with serial number CDD352887WL that PRESUMPTUOSLY has been bought on 11-3-2004 results on the contrary “CHANGED” from PAOLIERI on 15-5-2003!!!. Evidently you claim the repair/replacement in guarantee ( you have attempted to modify the acquire data), we remeber you that the guarantee on these products is an year and your burner results out.

At this point I have answered this:

Good morning to you
What I would have do? Do you know that exist the defamation crime? And I
thing that at this point I will not have scruples into publish all on the
greatest internet forums. I have only mistaken into write the data but I
have send you also the ticket in attachment. In the case of a repairing I
cannot refer to the ticket? I know very well that the Paolieri replacement
was registered. What kind of behaviour is this? I don’t want the alms from
you. I have asked only informations but evidently you are still poisoned
because an year and an half ago someone has “levelled” your back…I have so
much money that I could do a war. And at this point I will do!! I HAVE

What do you thing about this? I will never buy a Pioneer product. The first device was substituited after only two months with a new because of a “very particular” situation and many functionality issues.
Bye :frowning:

Sounds like some horrible translation mistakes…

I highly doubt that you have any type of warranty left on the DVR-105. If you are unhappy with your experience with Pioneer, then go ahead and choose another brand. There are plenty of alternatives.

Hi dhc014,
excuse me for my not so good english. Initially it was covered only by an year of guarantee but after an European law has increased on two. Have you (or other members) encountered the same issues?
Many thanks

The same technical issues.

I’m having a hard time following what the technical issue is as well as the exchange with customer service. Can you post a recap in your native language and perhaps a bilingual person who speaks it and English could give us a summary?

I’m not sure I can even offer any help but the exchange you had with customer service is sure interesting.

I’m Italian. Now I will try (I hope :stuck_out_tongue: ) to explain better. My mainboard is an Asus A7V880 updated at the latest bios. On the primary IDE channel there is an Asus 52x, as master. On the secondary IDE channel there is the DVR 105, as master. Both of them are connected with UDMA 133 ribbon cable. I haven’t ATA hard disk, only two Maxtor SATA. I Use Nero Burning Rom and I installed also the Adaptec Aspi layer and 4in1 v.4.51, on Windows XP Sp1. I have found that If I installed the 4in1 v.4.53/ 4.55 on my burner I lost the multissession mode for Cd rom. I don’t know if this is a software or hardware issue. The DVD section works well. At the Italian Customer Care I have asked only this and eventually the guarantee terms. But they have threated me as a dishonest. When I bought this device (€ 356!!!) after only two months I begun to have many problems. And there was also a particular situation: they didn’t find the serial number. Infact they exchanged immediatly the burner with a new. From the Italian Customer Care I received an aggressive threatment but a very fine Supervisor from the Headquarter recognized the “very strange” situation. And now I am fighting with the same persons. I know that Nero has a native aspi layer but I cannot use an external optimized driver? Do you understand now? From Pioneer I have received a first answer with these option:
a) a conflict
b) a repair ( behind payment)
c) buy another device
In other words it may be all and nothing. And after I have received that disgusting mail. There is someone that can confirm a software issue? Perhaps VIA has decided to change something in their 4in1 drivers?
Bye :sad:

Do you have access to another computer, perhaps a friend’s, that you can install the burner in and test? It doesn’t sound like a hardware problem but even installing it in another computer can eliminate potential issues like drivers, ect.

Yes, I can try.
Happy Holidays to all :wink:

I have isolated the DVR105 on another pc and I have tried read some DVDs that I had burned just bought. The optic group according to me is out alignment. On some it has met difficulty of reading. And Pioneer anchors doesn’t answer me :a :a :a :a .