Dvr 104



Help! Our system:

Pentium 4
Windows 2K sp4
generic DVD player
Pioneer DVR 104

We have never been able to burn a disc with the Pioneer. The computer does recognize the drive and it will read a disc. We tried using Nero but were never able to make it work - and we went through a number of “fixes”! Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum does not work either. We have not had the blue screen problems I have read about on Win 2k. But all we get is “NO supported drive” screens.

What do we have to do to make this drive work? Is it a media problem? What media or software will work with this drive? Why does it read but not write?

HELP please!!! I really need to get this resolved this week!!! You guys have come through for me before so I came back to see if you could rescue me this time…

thanks and have a great day!!!


I think if you got your Nero with another OEM drive that you had installed before, it won’t recognize any new drives that you add. You have to upgrade your Nero. The same thing would be true for Roxio if you got it with another OEM drive.


maybe ud8 aspi layers ???
or like falberni said


Must have seemed like such a simple thing to you guys…Thanks for the help. It appears as though you have done it again!!

Many thanks and have a great day. I’m sure I will be back when I have another issue that requires your patience and expertise.