DVR-104 Problems



I just bought some MAXELL DVD-R dvds (purple package) so i can back up some of my ps2 games (perfectly legit). Anyways, when i throw them in the drive (the blank DVDs) it reads for a super long time, and gets nothing, it can barely tell that somethnig is there. I’ve tried to upgrade firmware but teh UPGDVD.exe never seems to work. can someone please help me!? even a link to a good upgrad thing would be VERY appreciated…



If the drive has a firmware version prior 1.30 and media certified for more than 2x you can kill your drive easily.


i tried the official pioneer one, but i get a “Target Not Found” Error. what do i do!? i need to burn these dvds!


I have been getting this target not found error a whole bunch. Any help would be appreciated; here is my post and another person’s post about the problem:



You cannot use Pioneers flasher if your drive has a HACKED firmware or your drive is OEM!

Use DVRFlash.