DVP642 problems with Xvid playback


Just got a DVP642 a couple days ago. I used AutoGK to ecode a bunch of videos in Xvid format but I am having trouble playing the files back on the unit. The files play, however, the video has large pixels which are the wrong color throughout. The same files look great on my computer using window media player and Videolan.

So I thought that it was the Xvid format which the unit wouldn’t play. But my friend who was curious about the player brought some of his backups over to try and his Xvids look great on the DVP642.

I got GSpot for analysing the files but the results don’t really mean anything to me. Any help would be appreciated.

Attached images:

  • Xvid the doesn’t work
  • Xvid which does

Thanks in advance,

If you’re sure you have the results windows the right way round, then one possible problem might be that the framerate of the problematic title seems to be NTSC, whereas the second title appears to be a PAL encoding. What TV format was the first original recording, before you converted to XviD?

Otherwise the first title ought to look better since you have a much higher bitrate (2043 vs. 830 kbps) and lower resolution reduction (512x384 vs. 512x288).

Solved the problem. Did some online research and discovered that the player has issues playing some Xvids for whatever reasons. Pressing the setup menu button on the remote twice fixes the playback pixelation. Weird eh?

Thanks for the feedback.

Care to post some links to your information, so that others may benefit and possibly interpret?

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