Dvp642 "no disk"

I have had the player for about 10 months. Over the last month I have been getting “NO DISK” about 90% of the time I try to load a comercial movie disk. It usualy works the 2nd or 3rd try. Once it accepts the disk it works perfectly. Any ideas as to why this has developed? I have not used any home recordable disks in the player. This is the /37 model.

I have a philips dvdr 75/17 with the same problem at first, finally the player wouldn’t recognize any disk. I tried technical support :Z without any luck. I also tried upgrades. Good luck I finally cut my looses and bought another recorder. Lesson learned. Your player is most likely under warranty act now.

You could try a disc cleaner to clean the laser.

Thanks, guys. I have ordered a cleaner disk. The unit is not completely non-functional, it just takes a few tries to get it to accept a disk.

Ever since the weather became more humid this summer, the player has worked perfectly. Anyone have any ideas why dry winter weather would cause the unit to not read disks properly and display the “no disk” message?

Sometimes it can be caused by CPU board overheating.
Especially boards with rev.F are known for that - have seen quite a few of them… Could be dying driver IC (usually comes with small attached heatsink).
You can open the cover and see how disk spins up. If it start spinning erratically after inserting disk or even in wrong direction - there is a big problem…
May be actually drive’s lens need some cleaning, though… But I wouln’d recommend using any of “CD-Cleaner disks” - it can only make situation worse. If you can buy or borrow “Dust-Blower” (compressed air can), it can help more as it can also remove dust from inside mirrors, not only from top lens. Hopefully, nobody was smoking inside the room (otherwise all of those cleanings can be useless - it is almost impossible to clean up an internal mirrors from yellow smoke residue)…

My player has started doing exactly the same thing- unreliable at reading discs. Once it reads, it’s fine, but it might take two or three tries. Picked up a new 642, and discovered that they are completely different now, with different power supply, different chipset and slightly different reader.

Cleaning the optics with solvent and air doesn’t help (I’m a tech from way back), unfortunately.

Does anyone know if the new mechanism works with the old boards/chipset? Are there any threads about this problem when it ISN’T C316? Anyone know a link to a service manual and alignment procedure?


“Does anyone know if…”

Between u and me - YES :bigsmile:

And I wouldnt recommend using any kind of solvents thinners or acetons in case the lens is not glass. 96% alcohol is the best for optics.

Well, Fidel, I would certainly appreciate you sharing if you have info. I’m confused- are you saying that the new mech is compatible/drop in replacement with/for the old mech and chipset?

You are correct, there are only a few solvents one should use on optics (I know this arena pretty well- I’m one of the only living humans who has parts for and can fix and ALIGN a Sony CDP-101!)- I usually use ethanol, though Freon TF works well, also. I don’t particularly like isopropyl alcohol for this purpose, though most folks don’t have access to ethanol or other safe solvents, so it will do in a pinch. Vodka is actually better than isopropyl, for this.

Anyhoo, if you have something you can share on the 642, I’d sure like to have it.



Yep. from what i know 2nd gen of 642s (starting Oct2006) use totally diff. chips and board. I gave it a try and the biggest bug i found is stretching PAL encoded vids when output to an NTSC tv. I swapped the drives (for scientific research purposes) and it worked just fine on the old 642. I only noticed it took longer for episodic discs to load.
By the way I tried to flash my old player with a firmware for 630_5 (Britain) ver.0112 as there is nothing available for Canada and it works like a charm.