Dvp642 disk reading problems


I have a dvp642/37 player that has been working flawlessly for the last 6 or so months. However, yesterday it refused to play a DVD I had just burned (I had used it a couple hours eariler to check the playablility of other burned disks with no problems). I did a quality scan on the disk and all was well. I tried the disk again, and nothing, just kept spinning the disk up and down until I got a “no disk” error. So I tried some other burned movies and mp3 cd’s I had laying around (which worked before). Some spun up and down like the first disk, others didn’t spin at all. All eventually gave the same “no disk” error.

I assume the player is dead. The fact that some disks spin and some don’t is a bit strange to me. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Sounds rather terminal, assuming commercial pressed DVDs do the same. You could try cleaning the lens with an air-can blower or long paintbrush in case there’s some grot settled on it.

If CDs still play then that would give us a clue for a further differential diagnosis.

Is the machine still under warranty? I have heard of this type of problem (though not necessarily with the DVP642) being related to the internal data ribbon working loose from the OPU head, or even fracturing.

Hi. I too have a Philips dvp 642 dvd player I bought about a year ago. I flashed it with a subtitle firmware I found somewhere. I have the same problem as adict2jane but with retail discs I bought in the store. Some will play and some won’t. Some will play for awhile and then stop playing. Not sure if this has anything to do with not playing but it’ll give me ‘disc error’ sometimes too. Someone, please tell me what I should do.

Hi, I had bought a PHILIPS DVP642K DVD Player a year back which has got the latest firmware as available (to the best of my knowledge). I had also made it region free. Now, I have the same problem with some retail dvd’s I bought from the store. Some will play and some won’t. Some will play for awhile and then stop playing. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with not playing but it’ll give me ‘disc error’ or ‘no disc’ sometimes too. Cleaning lens or giving it to the local PHILIPS Service Station did not help. Another botheration is the fast forward and reverse scan speed which is limited to 8x for dvd’s and 4x for vcd’s. Pl. let me know if these are firmware related problems and how to overcome them.

I have a DVP642 which would not read retail DVDs I reflashed the firmware cleaned the lens and it is now ok, it is my livingroom DVD-DivX player with a Panasonic DVD-S52 my main player Panasonic DMR-ES25 my recorder/player.

Pl let me know the firmware version you have reflashed and also specify the site from where you have downloaded that firmware.Please also post the step by step sequence of the firmware installation and Lens Cleaning . Does the lens cleaning after / before the reflashing the new firmware affect the operation ?

try www.p4c.philips.com

The firmware will work for the 642/17 and 642/37. It was nearly a year ago and I have lost the link sorry. I do remember it took me a long time to find the firmware and Philips was no help.

dvp642_37_firmware_instructions.pdf (99.7 KB)

@shibu: please could you tell CCRomeo and me exactly which model you have. We need the specific country code in the model number (the one after the forward slash character).

There are DVP642 firmwares available for the following models:


the version I have is 0531 which can be used to upgrade: