DVP642 can it remember where you were in a movie? (avi related)



I noticed that when you stop an avi movie it doesn’t remember where you were like a standard dvd player is there anyway around this?

read a veiw that it CANNOT remember avi points. Can any dvd player that supports avi or divix remember where you left off?


I also have the 642 with the same results for avi. I really doubt if any player can do that with an avi.


hit pause


This player has a ‘go to’ function where you can enter the time to go to on a disc, such as ‘30:00’. I have no idea if this works with AVI files though.


sweet! where IS that “space” button?


BESTPlayer can do that. restart an .avi file where you stopped watching, just like a standard dvd player does for dvd movies and such.


The Phillips DVP 5960 can do this as well. The exception is, when the unit powers off (it will do this automatically if left idle for some time), it will lose its place, even with regular dvd movies.

I do love this unit though, far better than the DVP642 (which can play certain files the 5960 won’t, thus my reason for keeping it around).