DVP642/37 + center vs rear channel sounds?



I have a home theatre consisting of the Philips DVP642/37 and a Harmon Kardon AVR140 receiver. Recently, intermintantly, my rear channels will start playing the center channel sound. It’s usually just the left, but sometimes, it’s just the right (but never both).

If I change the output to another component and switch back to the Philips, everything goes back to normal.

I’ve been searching all over the internet, but can’t seem to locate this problem anywhere. I’ve tried changing the cords and even the DVD player and the problem appears to be with the DVP642.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is my DVD player toast? :slight_smile:



I had audio problems with a pvp642 drove me nuts, seemed to have lost center chennel sound, found it was only with discs I recrded and it was a lose audio connection on the recorder not the player. tracking down a problem like yours mat take lots of time but I think it still is cables or connectitons not the player, test things out using another player