DVP642/17 will not play origional discs

I have a DVP642/17 will not play origional discs, it is set to region 0 but I have also tried region 1 with no joy. It will play any other discs fine. Any ideas? Problem started after I did a firmware upgrade (a year ago), but now I can’t find any firmware for the DVP642

I have taken it apart cleaned the lens, not much more I can do without firmware. A DVD player that will not play origional DVDs not much value even if it plays DivX. Just a note before firmware upgrade is was Macrovision (VHS) free after the upgrade I had problems (upgrade firmware at your own risk) also had a hp DVD burner that died after firmware upgrade.
VCRs died but only after a few years (quality VCRs last many years) when the belts & heads start to go, DVD players may have problems after just a year or two, a the tech changes so quickly. Lucky for the buyer even the cheap DVD players playback with near the same quality as expensive ones. I have a very small and light Magnavox MWD-200G you can bring anywhere with an RF modulator play DVDs on any TV.

There’s a Yahoo group that supports the Philips 642. They have all versions of firmware. I really doubt that the firmware upgrade would effect dvd playback of your discs. You’re saying that playback was fine then a year later it doesn’t work, right?

Philips 642 units are cheap. My local Fred Meyer was carrying it at an everyday low price.

You’ll probably have to search for an older unit to make it macro-free though. My 642/37 E unit won’t allow a macro-free firmware upgrade.

Thanks to your hints I found 0531 firmware reinstall and all is fine now. :bow:
is there a macro-free upgrade for the 642/17?

Yes. 0531 firmware was macrofree for all versions of the 642 I belieive.

macrofree for VCR or DVD as I tried to DVD recorder it was “protected content”

just the fact it will now play origional DVDs is a big plus, BTW the old model showed as 642K/78 which is not my 642/17 ant I reinstalled firmware it is 642/17

Leason learned: when the unit would not play origional discs I nearly tossed it, now this old (2004) player is back in service as the backup and DivX player in the livingroom. Alwas have a backup as some recordings will play one one and not another.


If I remember correctly, all macrofree dvd players are macrofree for vcr recording only. Even with macrofree playback video is still protected by CPRM (copy not allowed). So you will need a video enhancer to remove the CPRM flag if you want to use the panasonic recorder to edit the video.

Thanks, I have that covered with Sima CT-200 and Dimax Grey; no need to copy DVDs to Tapes

In 2003 I had a Liteon 2001 DVD player, Divx, card reader, progressive scan, reagon and MV free and I paid $175. The RCA DRC257N player, DivX card reader, progressive scan, HDMI, reagon free, TVGuardian and HDMI cable and I paid $67