DVP Philips 5160 5.1 surround?



I just bought the 5160 and I don’t know much about DVD players, I had a DVD player from 2001 ( Cyberhome ) till now, it broke down so I bought the 5160 because it plays Divx and Xvid. But as I was trying to set it up to my Technics Stereo Receiver, i notices that it only has 3 audio outs. One for the left and right speaker and a digital coaxial cable, now my Technics Stereo Receiver has ins for left, right, central, woofer and so on.

My question is, if I hook up ( If I can ) the DVP with the Stereo Receiver, with the coaxial cable ( again If I can, cause I don’t have one now ) will I get a 5.1 or 6 ch surround.