Dvp 1650



Anyone know anything about this version? How’s it compare to the 1640?

I found some discussions on it here but it all seems pretty vague. I even found one place selling it but they don’t give much in the way of specs. Any updated info would be appreciated…



Is it a burner ?
What is your source ?


It’s a BenQ burner. I would post a link to where you can buy it but I’m not sure it’s allowed here…


Well, compared to the 1640, it doesn’t burn DVDs ,-)


Doh, I guess I just looked under the wrong category there, hehe. Well, I’ve been comparing players and burners for literally 7+ hours now, so please excuse my lapse into insanity. :slight_smile:


Other than that, one is allowed to post links to interesting products, good buys etc.
Hope you will find what fits your needs soon.


Thanks, 'appreciate the quick replies.