Dvi To Vhs Using Firewire?

I have a digital video in AVI/MPEG2 Format that I want to record to VHS tape. I am using the Canopus ADVC-100 converter. I have it set to DIGITAL IN and the COMPOSITE Jacks hooked up to the back. It is going into my VCR through Line 1. I have the VCR set to VCR and not TV. I have the VCR set to record off of L1 or Line 1. I try sending the video through firewire to the Converter using Scenelyser and Premier with no success.

What am I doing wrong? Is there better software to send DV to the VCR via firewire and the ADVC-100 converter?


You’ll have an easier time converting the AVI/MPEG2 format to DivX or MPEG1, then burn the file on CDs. Check out the many guides at doom9.net. VHS = :Z

Unfortunately, the video needs to be place on VHS. It is part of a prank I am trying to do and it wont work if I put it on CDR or DVD. But thanks for the input.